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In recent years, theft from farms and acreages has become more of a common occurrence. Access to high value equipment and crops that can easily be turned into cash has sparked new interest from thieves. In particular, crop theft is gaining momentum across North America and leading to thousands of dollars in uninsured losses by unsuspecting farmers. In many cases the thefts occur months before discovery of the loss and makes arrest and recovery almost impossible.

The RCMP have recommended that farmers take precautions to protect their property, including crops, by checking their storage bins, verifying that locks have not been changed, and marking and registering farm property including grain and canola with what is commonly known as cropgard or grain confetti . Reporting unusual activities when witnessed to local authorities is also very important.

Operation Hands Off offers farmers a comprehensive multi-layered loss prevention strategy that is designed to deter theft before it occurs. The program is currently in use by many industrial companies across Canada and provides property owners with a national registry for all types of property which now includes crops, firewood and other similar products.

What is AgriDotDNA?

AgriDotDNA™ is a small identification tag that is introduced into crops when loading the bins. Each AgriDotDNA™ includes a web address and unique identification number which is registered in an international database system. This system is accessible 24/7 by law enforcement or other interested parties including fellow farmers and elevator operators. This system provides immediate access to registry data and any reported thefts. Seller’s identification can be cross-referenced to a local geographic area while maintaining personal privacy. Law enforcement has full access to contact details.

AgriDotDNA™ offers the best available crop protection with many advantages over competitor products which includes 24/7 data access globally, smaller tags with more information, National Theft Prevention programs utilized through many industries and a National partnership with Canadian Crime Stoppers Association.

AgriDotDNA™ is available through participating CO-OP retail locations, our store, and Canadian Crime Stoppers Association.

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