Safety & Security

Theft of metal, a serious risk to the community and emergency personnel.

Each year across North America, thieves are killed or seriously injured in efforts to steal copper and other metal from electrical facilities, industrial sites and homes.

These thefts also place the general public at risk by removing critical safety infrastructure which can cause fatal results kilometers from the site of the theft. In fact, destabilization of the electrical grid can cause potential fire hazards to home owners as well as businesses and can cause costly damage to electrical equipment.

In one case, a fire in Ontario was attributed to copper theft many kilometers away. In British Columbia a house was leveled after an explosion when copper gas lines were stolen. Every year, right across the country, people are killed by metal theft - including the thieves themselves. Worker's that walk into the dangerous "booby traps" left by the thieves and even the general public are at risk as well.

The theft of metal is not just an issue for the electrical industry. Municipalities and cities also suffer from all types of metal theft as well as property theft. Even plaques from public facilities, statues and grave markers have been targeted.

Theft of material from sites across the country affects us all through increased costs. It can disrupt essential services and emergency services such as 911. It also can place employees and emergency personnel at great risk of personal injury or death.

Be part of the solution. Keep an eye out at local hydro facilities and businesses.

Report suspicious activities to police at 911 or anonymously to Crimestoppers.

Together we can make a difference!

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