I just wanted to let you know that I am totally satisfied with our purchase of the MicroDotDNA marking system. We marked most of our small equipment, some of our bigger equipment and advertised the fact that we did so.

We used to see gear vanish at every change of season and I am happy to report that since the inception of the Datadot system, nothing has gone missing in the past 10 months. That is a 100% improvement for what turned out to be a very small investment.

Gérald Lauzon Captain Dollard-des-Ormeaux Municipal Patrol

"I think this new product will help us recover more property and increase the ability to lay criminal charges against those caught with stolen property that we could never trace before. I'm sure in the long run our arrest/clearance rate will rise to show this technology helps law enforcement fight crime."

Constable Wayne Fermaniuk, Pawn Detail, Edmonton City Police.

"MicroDotDNA gives us another avenue to protect and identify lost and stolen property. We receive found property on a daily basis. However, many times we are unable to return it to the rightful owners due to no identifiable markings."

Dwight Bozak, University of Alberta, Campus Security Services

"The typical problem with theft is even though there is a conscientious effort (by police) to recover items, it's difficult to match them up with their owners. This is one way of identifying stolen property and matching it to their owners."

Clarence Nelson, special constable, Town of Beaumont

"Police promote parts marking in all its forms and of course this one (MicroDots) is a spray, so there is very little of the vehicle that the spray will not reach."

David Ryan, Head of Stolen Vehicles Squad, Metropolitan Police, London

"There is very strong evidence that since September 2001 marked vehicles (with MicroDots) in both BMW and HSV (GM) ranges have been stolen and unrecovered at slightly lesser rates (indicative 60% for BMW and 73% for HSV (GM)) than unmarked vehicles (of the same make and models) were at relitively the same age. Police report that they are being told by offenders that post 2001 HSV's (GM/Holden based performance vehicles) are now "too hot to handle" because of the Microdot "DNA' marking."

Ray Carroll, Executive Director, National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, Austrailia

"What we have seen here today is DNA for vehicles; 10,000 microdots are sprayed all over a vehicle - and that will make information available to the police that was never available to them before."

Mr. Paul Whelan, NSW Austrailia Police Minister

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